Sunday, December 3, 2023

Yet Another Mini - spread 06


I took an old Chinese umbrella apart.  I have been using the paper from it for quite some time but now I thought I should try and think of a use for the bamboo pieces.  There are tiny holes in the “sticks” and I decided to wrap the stick in embroidery floss and created a piece to add to the spread that mirrored the design on the tannish paper.  I also made what I call map lace.  I recently ran across the “lace” that I made on a trip to London.  It takes awhile to make as one has to cut out the map leaving only the streets.


jacki long said...

you are always amazing, John. creative pLUS

anonymous said...

Great minds! I clicked here to comment on your boundless inventiveness - love the struts with wrapping. xcr