Saturday, July 2, 2022

Caterpillar Book Box-Book 1 - 13


I know there are those out there who do not know how to occupy their time.  I have never had that problem.  In fact, I have the opposite problem….finding time to do all the things that I want.  For instance, yesterday I was helping my landlord set up for the garage sale today.  It was fun!  We would work a little and then sit and have something to drink and look at the mountains and chat away.  I am still recovering from surgery and have to take it easy.  However, doing something productive and manual was just what I needed.

A few locals stopped by to check out what was for sale.  There was an odd shaped pan that looked like a maze for sale.  Who would have thought that the purpose of this pan was to make brownies so that every cut would have the crispy edges?!!!!  Yup!  Who would have thought someone would want an old rusty corrugated iron raised bed?  Well someone did.  Today the sale officially opens and it is my hope that all these treasures for sale get taken. I think I will encourage shoplifting! :-)


jacki long said...

Another great spread. I can't wait to see it all together?
Good luck with your sale, it sound like some good hunting!
I'm probably lucky to be far away.

julia said...

Hi john, i hope the sale went well. I concur on not ever having enough time to do what i want. My theory on the other folks is that no, they are not bored…they are boring! You, on the other hand, are certain not boring! Never!