Friday, April 5, 2019

Portrait Series 24

Portrait Series 24
I recently sent this piece to an art friend in San Francisco.  It was my second attempt at mail art to her as the first piece was lost in the mail.  Maybe it will surface one day or maybe someone liked the first piece and wanted it for their own.  Most likely we will never know where it is now.

I just love the chick in this collage.  My eye is drawn to it first and then I move out to the other parts of the collage.  Perhaps it is the eye of the chick or the color that draws me in.

[Note: the first postcard surfaced and was delivered to the recipient.  Who knows where it went!]


The Artist Project: Julie Mehretu

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jacki long said...

Maybe the postman borrowed it and enjoyed it for awhile, but didn't want to deprive the rightful owner the joy of having it? Makes sense to me! ;o)