Sunday, July 22, 2018

Au Chateau

Au Chateau
I am starting a new series today, twelve in all.  I have finished all twelve and now I am working on the cover so that I can bind them with the slipknot binding.  I just love adding words to the substrate and after they are totally dry, distressing them by sanding. Each day I will mention one of the techniques I used in this series.

A Portland collage artist......

Greg Hanson - collage artist


Jacki Long said...

Love the celadon-ish grey, what a great background.
And I always love text in any shape or condition.
Looking forward ti this new series! ;o)

Claudia MB said...

This is what we'll be working on, right? I'm looking forward to it. And I agree, the grey is beautiful! (It's probably the most underrated color ever...)

Robert said...

Love the sanded text in this piece, John, as well as the textured area in the upper right corner with the yellow dot (sun?) in it. The “Tobeyesque” white writing below this area also provides nice contrast with the larger forms in the composition. Also, loved the Greg Hanson video. I think I love “garage sale-ing” as much (and for the same reasons) as he does!

Catherine R said...

So when you give us a technique, do pass on the secrets! Such as how you kept the beak from getting sanded as well??