Sunday, February 28, 2016

Asian Dream

Asian Dream
Golly, tomorrow is February 29 and another month gone.  This is my 59th post of the year. After tomorrow I am slowing down a bit and posting only when I have something.  Posting daily puts too much pressure on me to have something ready.  Sometimes I do and sometimes I do not.  Then the pressure builds.   I kind of like working in a series because then I can stack up posts and there is no pressure.

Working in these particular colors for this post are way different for me.  I kind of think I will see about doing a few more with this palette.   Off to watch the Oscars although I feel like boycotting this year with all the controversies.  Maybe they will get their act together in Hollywood and include minorities more in the nominations.


tgarrett said...

Another wonderful piece. You are so prolific!

jacki long said...

Love the layers and moodiness of this piece, John!
And, I am always partial to the Asian theme. ;o)

Anonymous said...

I think that's one of your best! Love the colours - and everything. Congratulations for doing the one a day - it's a bit demanding longterm.