Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Purples Iris

Purple Iris
While living in Japan I purchased a screen that had hand-painted irises on it.  I had not thought about that screen for some time now and actually I am not sure where it is.  Perhaps it is under my bed.  I will have to check to see if I still have it.  Now that I look at the iris in Purple Iris I really want to find this screen.  I just hope I did not sell it in a garage sale or give it away.  We are talking about a purchase thirty-two years ago.

Purple Iris is one of eleven postcards I have recently begun.  Eight of them are completed and three are part of a collaboration I am doing with art friends.  All will be published on this blog over the next few weeks.  I wanted to add something contemporary to these postcards so all of them have abstract circles.  Several of them go out in the mail tomorrow to my snail mail art friends.


jacki long said...

This is stunning John! And your circles add perfectly.
Beautiful work as always, and I always look for your stamp.
I know what you mean about finding a certain something.
I have a a particular item that is evading me, but must be in my garage. ;op

jacqueline said...

Beautiful. Your body of work is so intricate and full of narrative. Are you writing the book to go with the images?

Brian Kasstle said...

Beautiful John! I love the contemporary circles added. Great composition.

anonymous said...

When/if you find the screen, do post a pic. I LOVE irises.