Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Gardener

The Gardener
There are so many parts to this postcard.  I created my own papers for much of the background.  There are five or six separate collage items.  The one that I like best which I created is the person.  The paper I used is deli paper scraps using extra paint leftover from previous projects.  I just wiped my brush on the deli paper so as not to waste paint.  I did a silhouette cut out of the woman "gardener" after I dobbed black paint over the silhouette stencil.  There is a bit of an aura around the figure which fit perfectly with the other colors on the postcard.


Cate Rose said...

Amazing. Almost looks like a p/c-sized photo of a quilt!!

Brian Kasstle said...

The colors are wonderful together! Love it.

anonymous said...

Like how she is dwarfed by the blooms!