Monday, June 10, 2013

Sisters - Red Barn # 9

The total spread for Sisters - Red Barn # 9  is complete.

Sisters - Red Barn # 9
The addition of the left hand side of the spread includes the letters L and E and the number 3. The L stands for Lottie and the E, Elaine.  The sisters are twins and were once triplets, but that is another story.  The time frame for this spread is 1926.

Sisters - Red Barn # 9
Near the end of last week, Ingrid, my friend in Sweden mailed me the first of her signature of the barn journal collaboration.  I was in awe of her work and only minutes passed before I had to start working on my first of four entries into her signature.  I have until October to finish four for Ingrid and four for my second signature in our journal collaboration.

Sisters - Red Barn # 9 evolved over two days and is the right side of a two page spread.  I have not completed the left side yet.  This particular red barn was photographed on a barn scouting safari and is located near Silvana, Washington.  The photo of the two women came from a antique store in Snohomish, Washington that I found on a day's excursion recently.  The dragonflies flew in from my friend, Irene, in a surprise piece of mail art which included dragonfly ephemera.


anonymous said...

It's so nice you manage to incorporate ideas and objects from your wide friendship group.

Brian Kasstle said...

Oh I love the mica piece here. Wonderful.

ingridp said...

I love this spread, as I do with all of your barns-work,and am so so proud to be a hostess for these forever!!!!!
I cannot start my work until another project is finished but in my head things are happening

tgarrett said...

Another wonderful spread. I love how the spread works together and each side can also stand alone as well. I agree with Brian- the mica is so nice here.