Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Red Barn #4

Red Barn #4
Red Barn #4 finally came together this morning.  There was something not right about the composition and I sat there and sat there looking at it.  Finally I pulled out Ingrid's last letter to me and voila.  I had thought about stitchery and there it was on a homemade envelope which housed the ATC she had sent me this month.  I tore off a portion of the envelope and added a stamp.  One more thing....some writing seemed to be needed, hence, Lars has a secret.
I made the piece into a postcard and since I always like to put something on the back of the card,  Henrietta is now more prominent.  The reason for Henrietta in the first place is because our friend, Ulla from Finland told us about "rent-a-chicken" in her home town.  It seems that one can just rent chickens by the season.  There is nothing like fresh eggs.  I wonder if they rent chickens in Sweden, too.  Thanks for the barn photo, the stitchery, and the stamp, Ingrid.


tgarrett said...

Very nice collage John. Wonderful combination of things- cool about Lars and his secret.

Brian Kasstle said...

I love your barn series! I grew up raising chickens in Montana, my Mom always had chickens. If I ever have enough the land, I will have chickens. I always have a soft spot for chickens in art. They remind me of the simple things in life.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love your blog. So glad you got my postcard and left a link here. Also glad you liked visiting my blog! Although I sent postcards with photographs, I also love mixed media. I've been doing more photography this year because that's where my muse has taken me and because I can do it in smaller chunks of time. But I really hope to get back to mixed media, and I find your work inspiring.
Thanks for stopping by!

anonymous said...

This one is really successful - layers which recede nicely and lots of interest. The tiny strip of white with zigzag was a brilliant touch.

ingridp said...

Love our collaboration and love what you do with my stuff.

hula-la said...

Very cool! You always inspire.

Jane Davies said...

BEAUTIFUL image! And, of course, I'm drawn by the chicken. There is a farm near here who rents chickens for the summer. We have some second-home people who are here seasonally, and it suits their schedules. I'd have a hard time returning a rented chicken! My girls are NOT available for rent.

John, I haven't looked at your blog in a while (too many things to comment on in the online groups!), so I'm noticing a big leap in your Way With Images. I don't really know if it's a leap or not, but these journal pages you are posting are awesome!