Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fashion - Turn of the Century - Series #3

Fashion Series #3
This piece is #3 in the Fashion Series.  The background is stenciled using spray paint with rub-off butterflies.  To make the background I scanned pages that I had made for a journal.  I printed the scan on tissue paper and then adhered it to the ATC size card.  Next the butterflies were added and then the historical fashion figure.  I absolutely love creating the backgrounds using tissue paper.  I recently read about gampi tissue paper and sent for some which has yet to arrive.  Supposedly using gampi will eliminate any paper line in larger collages.  I will let you know.


anonymous said...

I would love to see each one repeated in a lengthening row as you add to the series! Silk gampi is wondrous but so expensive! I've found it best to 'cut' it with a wet brush. Where did you read about it? Sanding the edge of cheaper papers a la Anne Bagby is great for losing the bump.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love this background! Hmmmm very interested in gampi tissue papers!