Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Trammel Collages 04

These collages are the last three of fifteen bound in the envelope.  For the most part this project is complete.  I may add some hanging decorations to the twine yet.  Not sure.
Trammel Collages 04

Trammel (bound)

Last Monday I was fortunate enough to spend some time at the Bainbridge Island Art Museum.  It is a grand place with a room full of handmade books as well as several galleries.  I discovered a book artist that I did not know but just love.  His name is Timothy Ely.  I got to hold one of his books and just about turned green with envy.  When I returned home I looked him up to see if one could purchase any of his completed masterpieces.  One can if one has between $7000 and $100,000 to spend on a book.  Unfortunately, I do not!

Timothy Ely - Vhor-text

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Jacki Long said...

I feel that way about your books!

Especially love the "O" composition.
Trying to wrap my mind around those treasure bound up forever?