Sunday, February 12, 2017

Red No. 9

Red No. 9
Can't you imagine that imagination was so much more enhanced without television, video games, and the like?  I am thinking these girls wrote their own play and are now practicing their lines.  What is your take on this photo?

CODEX continued.......

I found the most interesting vegetable parchment paper both at CODEX and at the paper store in Berkeley.  I was told that the paper is made by an artist in Germany and the process is a secret.  I have looked into it and found that the vegetables are dehydrated and shellacked.  I bought three pieces of the paper and am thinking of framing them as is.


Jacki Long said...

Love #9, and the series.
I haven't seen that paper before, it's really beautiful.

Margo99 said...

I love this paper as well. Where can I buy some of this online? I googled "CODEX" but didn't find it.

Your "Red No. 9" is fabulous!

--Marti Grace Ashby

john said...

Thanks Marti. Miki's Paper in Berkeley has this paper. I also found it online but it took some effort.