Monday, February 20, 2017

Red No. 17

Red No. 17

To me the darkness in this piece feels rich almost velvety.  I normally like odd numbers in my work but somehow the photo and the stamp plus the background work for me.  All of the Red Series is going into a journal that is presently in the works.  I only have the paper folded ready to go.  Paint will be next.


If you have never taken the time to watch a TED Talk it is, in my opinion, worth every second.  You can find one of the talks on most all topics.  Here are two related ones......

Recently Jacki Long sent me a link to a TED talk.....I watched it this morning and am sharing it here. It is powerful and heart warming how a man who was born with deformities now owns himself in a very positive way.

I attended a TED Talks in Edmonds in November and there was a speaker who also has a strong message.  She, too, has a facial deformity.

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Jacki Long said...

#17 is wonderful, so rich & appealing. I love the hats and their great spirits.

I just listened to the TED talk by Dawn Shaw, lucky you to have been there.
I agree worth every minute and so meaningful, wish more could watch it.I love talks where you take them in and think about them again & again.