Friday, February 10, 2017

Red No. 7

Red No. 7
My personal shopper gave me the King Koran stamps.  I had never seen them previously.  They were a competitor to Green Stamps.  I remember getting green stamps when I was a kid.  I looked up trading stamps and OMG there were lots of different kinds.


When I was at CODEX last Monday I discovered an artist by the name of Judith Serebrin.  She creates the most amazing pottery pieces with books included.  I spent a long time at her booth looking at them all but fell in love with one.  Here is what the one I purchased resembles.

work by Judith Serebrin

Her website information is:

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Jacki Long said...

Love Red #7!
I knew Blue Chip & S&h green stamps, but didn't know King Korn?
Funny though that our Albertson'd super markets has something similar now!