Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Red No.5

Red No. 5

I do my best thinking while I sleep it seems because I frequently wake with an idea.  It happened again last night.  I was thinking about printing vintage photos that are not burned and burning them. It would not be an exact science and I might have problems putting out the fire and controlling it all. Then I remembered that I could wet the portion that I do not want to burn and burn off part of the image for use.  I will have to try it on a better weather day as I need to be outside for this task.  There is still some snow here and that would be a great extinguisher if needed.


Yesterday I left off telling you about the Bette Oceanview Diner.  I neglected to mention that my waitress could have been Michele Obama's sister.  Same face, shoulders, hair.  I told her so and she said she gets that a lot.  That led to a discussion on the politics of the day.  So sad to not have President Obama in office any longer.

Right after eating breakfast Monday at thiat diner I found a Japanese paper store on Fourth Street in Berkeley that I highly recommend.  It is called Miki's Paper.  OMG!  I did a hurried shopping so I could get off to CODEX, but I did some series damage to the wallet at this store.  I found some Thai papers that resemble lace.  They are absolutely wonderful.  Now to figure out how to use them.

Scroll Thingy

Here is the link to Miki's....     Don't miss this store if you are in Berkeley.  They do an online business, too.


Jacki Long said...

I like the burnt edge & especially that car!
They must have felt every pebble with those tires!
Miki's looked great! Yummy!

tgarrett said...

Another nice one John. That paper store woul dbe amazing to see some day.