Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Secrets 04

Secrets 04
What kind of secrets can there be?  How are they kept?  Are some kept better than others?  Does one have a confidant that never tells?  Once a secret is out it is out!  I guess I better not tell yet then! :-)


I found a new documentary series on Netflix last night.  Sometimes I am so tired I just need to veg and that was what I needed last night.  Watching something usually puts me to sleep.  This documentary did just the opposite.  It is called Abstract, the Art of Design and I've only watched the first episode but it was terrific.

Abstract, the Art of Design

In the first episode a German graphic artist is filmed. 


Robert said...

Love the imagery, colors, and textures in "Secrets 04", John. Thank you for the heads-up on "Abstract, the Art of Design". Looks like a great find!

Jacki Long said...

Symbiotic that we are both doing period seaside stuff?
Love your, colors, composition and subject! ♥
New movie looks great! Thanks for sharing,

Irene Rafael said...

I admire this one! Love the dance between background and focal images. I will watch Abstract. Looks good! xo