Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Red No. 4

Red No. 4
I am so loving the creating of the butterfly graffiti papers.  Mixing them with other tissue and deli paper that I have made work.  That is what collage is all about.

Yesterday I flew to the Bay area for the day to attend the CODEX book fair.  OMG!  I was in heaven. Before the book fair I stopped in Berkeley, CA for about an hour.  I packed a lot of excitement in a short time.  One place I found was called  Bette's Oceanview Diner.  I had breakfast which is served anytime they are open.  It was to-die-for.  If you are in Berkeley make the stop for breakfast or lunch. Just perfect.

More on my CODEX adventure over the next few days including more Berkeley finds.


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Jacki Long said...

Wish I could have tagged a long, anxious to hear everything! ;o)