Sunday, February 5, 2017

Red No. 2

Red No. 2
Many of the vintage photos that I have recently obtained were burned.  I am not sure if that means that they were burned in a house fire or that someone tried burning them but then they were rescued from the fire.  The person who gave them to me has no clue....does not know who the photos include or anything about the fire.  I really like the look, anything distressed is great in my book.  I love the New Zealand stamp of the old truck.  I have fond memories of a red truck that my father owned.

We lived on a farm with a well that was only ten feet deep.  Every day we had to drive to a gravel pit to get water.  My dad would fill the drums while I explored the gravel pit. We did that every day for years until we drilled a new well.  It is amazing what one will do for water when one does not have much money.  I did not know anything different in those days.  It was just part of my life.


Year of the Rooster - Paper cutting

I had one of these portraits done when I was in China in 1985.  Where it is now, I don't know!

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Jacki Long said...

I like Red#2! It reminds me of a rich graffiti with a window into the photo.