Monday, February 13, 2017

Red No. 10

Red No. 10
Yesterday I decided to try burning a vintage photo to see about achieving the look like the one in this piece.  I was totally successful with my idea of wetting the portion of the photo I did not want to burn and lighting the dry portion on fire.  It worked like a charm.  One just has to make sure there is a water source very close by to douse the flames when the desired look is achieved.

My last entry for CODEX is an accordion book I purchased from an artist from China. Unfortunately I do not know much about her other than her name Jue Li.  The accordion book is just a little treasure full of portraits of men.  It has a simple binding of a heavier card stock that has been decorated with lines and circles (other side).  Sometimes simple is best as in this case. :-)


Jacki Long said...

Love the richness of Red#10 and ...
good to know about the burn technique, thanks for sharing.
Love the little accordion book, what size is it?

tgarrett said...

That looks like a very wonderful accordion book you bought.