Saturday, February 4, 2017

Orphan Boy or Red No. 1

Orphan Boy or Red No. 1

Orphan Boy is a first in a series of twenty where red is a predominate color in each piece with the exception of two works. Orphan Boy is one of the two.  Since I created the series as a whole I named this one slightly different but then I thought that it needed to be the first in the series.  Red is not a predominant color in this piece.  Thus you see two titles with a secondary title being Red No. 1.

There will be similarities in the twenty pieces.  For instance, I used butterfly graffiti in most of them. I also either stamped or stenciled the letters X, O, or Y on each of them.  I will chat about other similarities as the series is unveiled.

The vintage photo comes from a friend's family collection....remember Soda Grandma a while back? This photo was given to me during that commission.  No one knows who the boy is hence I am calling him an orphan. 

This week a friend shared that her son was now a minimalist.  He has eliminated most of what he has acquired in life and now is very careful about the quality of what he purchases and the amount of his purchases.  I found out that there is a film called Minimalism that looks intriguing to me.  I watched the preview of the film and now have the full film version on my Netflix's list to watch.

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Jacki Long said...

Love the kantha look within the background John.
Have you seen Lion? I did today and your orphan reminded me.
Hope you get to see it sometime.