Monday, February 6, 2017

Red No. 3

Red No. 3
I tried something new in this piece.  I have targets that I have used before but thought there must be an easier way of cutting them out.  I have a one inch circle punch which does not cut tissue well.  The paper gets caught and tears.  So I tried a piece of tag junk make behind the tissue.  It worked like a charm.

I am letting much of the background be prominent in this series.  Even though I am adding focal points I wanted the background to standout more.  In a way it is more minimalistic.  One am sure one could debate that since the background is busy with lots of different patterns.


Thought of You - an animation
by Ryan Woodward

1 comment:

Jacki Long said...

Another beauty, John.
Thanks for the tip on cutting tissue.
This animation also reminds me of the movie, Lion. ♥