Friday, February 3, 2017

February ATC - International Group

In 2017, our international ATC group decided that the six themes for the year would be given all at once giving the participants choice of which theme to do first.  Those themes are:
1. Paper
2. Scent
3. Haptic or kinesthetic
4. Silhouette
5. Rust
6. free choice
I decided to do the Silhouette theme first......

We use to have seven members in the group but one person dropped out last year.  We are looking for an artist from Latin or South America to join us.  I know someone will surface so I am making seven each time and will be able to provide him or her with any I have already made as the year progresses.

I especially like how the cowboy and the monkeys turned out.  After cutting out the silhouettes I gave them a bit of black spray paint.  That way no white from the cutting shows.  The backgrounds are all butterfly graffiti images that I created in Photoshop.  I gave each ATC two coats of faux encaustic solution.

Cowboy Silhouette

Elephant Silhouette

Geisha Silhouette

Girl Clapping Silhouette

Monkey 01 Silhouette

Monkey 02 Silhouette

Girl with a Watering Can Silhouette

This morning Jacki Long (thanks Jacki) sent me a link for a short video.  I really like the filming of this video.  It is called  A LETTER by H.J.Park.

Image result for “A Letter” by HJ Park

Here is the link:


Jacki Long said...

I really like you silhouettes, what a great little series.
Similar but still individual, quite a feat!
Glad you liked the video.

Catherine R said...

I learnt to type on one of those machines. Ruinous on the nails...

tgarrett said...

nice ATCs. I haven't been in an ATC group since we gents had ours. In the past I was in groups that had themes- we always had the option of passing on the theme- I found the challenge of a theme fun.