Sunday, February 19, 2017

Red No. 16

Red No. 16

When I started the Red Series and included photo references to the Japanese American relocation during WWII I did not know it was almost the 75th anniversary President Franklin Roosevelt's signing of Executive Order 9066.  Now we have another president signing executive orders dealing with issues surrounding people of different nationalities.  The coincidence is not lost on me!


Emidio Bernardone -

I love the simplicity of this collage artist. So expressive with just three elements.  Click on the link to see other works by him.



Jacki Long said...

I love #16 but is it a duplicate of #13?
Either way, it is great to see & study.
And thank you for another great artist.
I so admire his simplicity and strong design sense.
Thanks John!

john said...

Good eye Jacki. You are my best proofreader! :-) Thanks. Thanks for visiting practically everyday, too. :-)

Jacki Long said...

I especially love this one John, look at her strength
amidst the bewilderment she faces.
Stunning, and you colors help it evoke those feelings. ♥