Friday, February 17, 2017

Red No. 14

Red No. 14
What a lovely family!  To think we put people through the relocation camps just because of who they were considered to be.  Thank goodness our government, twenty-five years later and after being lobbied, decided to apologize for this misdeed. There was controversy in who got paid first even with that apology.  The words by the investigative congressional commission are strong.  Executive Order 9066 was wrong......."incarceration a "grave injustice" motivated by "racial prejudice, war hysteria and the failure of political leadership."  Come on Washington, think what you are being asked to do once again!  The wall between the US and Mexico will not solve the problem.  No barriers have ever done that!  The Great Wall of China failed!  The Berlin Wall failed eventually! The walls in Israel are not working!  The Iron Curtain is no more!  THINK!


Lars Henkel is an artist that I discovered recently.  I found a book of his work that has been published in Germany.  Some of the work is quite bizarre.  If you do a Google search of Lars Henkel you will find more of  what he has produced.



Jacki Long said...

Win-win! I love your #14 and ...
thanks for sharing Lars' stunning works. ♥

Michele Unger said...

I so agree with your comments on the similarity between Excurive Order 9066 and the Immigration Ban happening today. It is a travesty and we ALL should know better!