Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Soda Grandma #2

Soda Grandma #2

Here is the other side of the piece I did on Soda Grandma.  Soda Grandma was an artist.  The paintings that I saw of hers were landscapes and floral.  She was self-taught.  She also played the harmonica.  As she aged her family was concerned about her transportation as she did not drive. They gave her taxi money which she refused to spend on taxis but instead on flowers.  Since she loved to make corsages for seniors, I imagine that is how the flowers she purchased were used. According to her granddaughter, Soda Grandma never criticized anyone. She was someone everyone thought highly of and enjoyed.  If you needed a little TLC because you were upset, Soda Grandma would say, "Let's have peaches and toast!"

In Soda Grandma side 2, I have collaged the Ritz cracker box because of the stale crackers she offered others.  The Campbell's Soup child stamp that I made comes from one of the books that she hand-made for her daughters.  The book was full of magazine illustrations of the time.  I am sure I would have enjoyed Soda Grandma in person as much as I enjoyed listening to stories of her life.

NW collage artist Robert Stockton sent me this video via Facebook Messenger recently.  It is worth watching through.....very unusual.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Soda Grandma #1

Soda Grandma #1

Soda Grandma is a two-sided collage which I did as a commission.  I spent about 90 minutes chatting with one of her granddaughters about Soda Grandma who led an interesting life.  She was employed in Bellingham at the Buchan's Bakery.  Her grandchildren loved spending time with her but one thing they did not like is that she offered them soda crackers, frequently Ritz, which were always stale! You can imagine how she got her name.

Soda Grandma loved to crochet and travel.  She had very little money but found ways to go to San Francisco, Europe, and Hawaii.  One story that I particularly enjoyed was that she wanted to give her daughters a present but only had money for essentials.  So SG made two books out of materials that she had around the house.  Those hand-made books still exist and I was lucky enough to see them.

Another story occurred around Christmas.  The grandchildren were very worried about Santa Claus not being able to come down the chimney at Grandma's house as there was no chimney.  SG said, "No Problem!"  She got a refrigerator box and made a chimney.  The girls were now satisfied that Santa would find his way!

Tomorrow, side 2.....

 What's Wrong with the Commodification of Gay Men: Mark Pampanin at TEDxChapmanU

Monday, January 16, 2017

Underground Railroad

Underground Railroad (cover)

Underground Railroad (side 1)

Underground Railroad (side 2)

Almost immediately after reading Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead I began this accordion journal.  I used the brown waxed paper for the substrate.  The paper was covered with shellac and a patina was added giving it a verdigris texture.  The line that I stitched using paper yarn represents the railroad to freedom.


Image result for Award Winning Animation Short Film: The Thomas Beale Cipher

Award Winning Animation Short Film: The Thomas Beale Cipher

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Brown Waxed Paper - Accordion Journal

Accordion Journal

This past fall I was sent a round robin journal wrapped in a brown waxed paper, paper I had never seen before.  Right away I was fascinated by its heavy amazing slick surface.  I needed to know where one could purchase it and what kind of characteristic it had.  Could it adhere to anything and could it hold a folded shape?  I experimented and found it quite durable.  Matte medium and PVA liked this paper.

My next idea was to use it create an accordion journal.  I painted on the paper and I cut holes in it.  I even sewed stitches in it which you will see very soon.  I have begun a working affair with this paper. So far I have not found any limitations.


I am a Andy Grammer fan and I love Honey I'm Good!  If  you have not heard it or want to hear it again here you go.....

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Postcard Round Robin - January 2017

This postcard has been sent to California in a round robin postcard exchange that I belong to.  It is a pocket postcard with an ATC inside.  As you might remember I added a circular collage last month for this same exchange.  Now to think of something different for the pocket next month! :-)
Pocket Postcard January 2017 Round Robin

January 2017 RR


I have three collages in the NW Collage Society Winter 2017 Show.  This show runs through most of March.

I have six collages in the Edmonds CC Faculty Show which runs until the end of January.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Pine Bluff, Ark.

Pine Bluff, Ark.

Soda pop was once really important to me.  I drank at least two or three cokes a day.  No longer.  I have not totally given up carbonation though.  I have moved on to what I call fizzy calories but still a fizz.  San Pellegrino sparkling water, Perrier, and seltzer water do the trick for me now.

According to a past dentist, fizzy water is not good for teeth.  Since I have been on a low carb diet I decided fizzy water would be my treat and I will ignore warnings about teeth.  Something is going to get me in the long run anyway!

Quite some time ago Terry Garrett turned me on to David Fullarton's work.  It is worth your time to explore his sense of humor combined with art.

David Fullarton

David Fullarton's website:

Here is a YouTube video as well.  Stay with the video through the music for a bit of a short chat with David Fullarton.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Monkey See, Monkey Do
Imitation is a form of flattery.  We learn to imitate very early on.  We do something as a baby and we are reinforced.  The adults in our world laugh when we do it and so we do it again.  I love this vintage photo of a mother and her child playing a simple game.  I wonder though who started the game, mother or child?


My extra for today what sent to me this morning by Jacki Long.  I had seen this artist's work before but thank Jacki for reminding me of his work.  I found a YouTube video of Michael Grab's amazing construction  abilities that you might enjoy.