Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Apples Wanted - NZ Series

Apples Wanted

At the beginning of March I was asked to install ten of my collages in an Everett restaurant.  Those works were destined for a show in New Zealand.  So since I had quickly framed those ten and liked how they looked, I decided to start creating 13 new pieces for New Zealand.  I have ten of them ready to go and will complete the last three soon.

Apples Wanted came together in one afternoon.  I like the chabby chic-ness of it.


Rufus Wainwright - A Woman's Face Reprise (Sonnet 20)

Rufus Wainwright celebrates the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.

Here are the lyrics:

A woman's face with Nature's own hand painted 
Hast thou, the master-mistress of my passion; 
A woman's gentle heart, but not acquainted 
With shifting change, as is false women's fashion;

An eye more bright than theirs, less false in rolling,
Gilding the object whereupon it gazeth; 
A man in hue, all 'hues' in his controlling,
Much steals men's eyes and women's souls amazeth.

And for a woman wert thou first created; 
Till Nature, as she wrought thee, fell a-doting,
And by addition me of thee defeated, 
By adding one thing to my purpose nothing.

But since she prick'd thee out for women's pleasure,
Mine be thy love and thy love's use their treasure.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Remember your youth when everything you experienced was like the Fourth of July?  Does that happen much now?  Maybe sometimes. :-)  My Sunday experience below was one of those moments.


Snow Geese - Sunday was a bright sunny day so we decided to take a drive to see the daffodils in the Skagit Valley north of Seattle.  On the way we stopped to see the snow geese on Fir Island near Conway, WA.  It was an amazing experience to see the fowl flying in some sort of order known to them.  They landed in a field.  I am talking about thousands upon thousands of these birds.  I found a video to show you what we experienced.  It really was quite exciting to see.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy Grandmas

Happy Grandmas
Wouldn't you love to have tea with either or both of these grandmas?  A scone or two plus hot tea with honey and a sweetner.  I would. :-)

Nature is Speaking - There is a series of short films starring Mother Nature who is really in charge. This one is narrated by Julia Roberts.  There are others..............

Sunday, March 19, 2017


I love printing images on deli paper using a gelli plate.  My new art friend, Becky, made these prints for me that you see on the right side of EFG.  I especially like the transparency effect that can be created.


Monk with a Camera

Another must see on my list to watch is:

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Girls with Glasses

The Girls with Glasses
There are several things that I like about this postcard.  First, the girls with the glasses are so vintage and remind me of the Julia Roberts film Mona Lisa Smiles.  Second, I love how the girl on the right is distracted.  Is it because of the guys?  Third, the glasses and the circles work so well together.  Fourth, the colors are amazing together.  Fifth, I like how the blue on the oar an the red W plus the red spatters make it all pop.  I guess I am always surprised when a piece is complete because usually it is never planned and each outcome is what it is.


Distress Crayons - I heard about them on a blog....I think it was Mary Beth Shaw's....and decided to see what they were all about.  Love them!  They arrived yesterday and I had to try them out right away. Now I have to compare them to the Sablio Woodies to see if they create different effects or are about the same.  You can color with them, smudge them, or use a brush with water to spread pigment.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Mish Mash

Mish Mash

You have to look closely to discover something in this one which is semi-camouflaged.

Yesterday I went to Whidbey Island to create art in a coffeehouse/restaurant with three friends.  We had a blast for four hours.  We started at 10:00 with drinks and pastries.  At noon we had lunch....great burgers I might add, and then I had to have a cookie before heading back to the ferry and home.  I did get all my ATCs finished for April.  Yeah!

I am working on finishing up a box given to me by my personal shopper, Sally.  I am lining the inside of the box with marbled paper and creating sections out of balsa wood.  The box will be the home for many tiny journals that I have made in the last year.  Organization is an attempt to clean up my studio!  We shall see.


Finding Vivian Maier

Yesterday I heard about this film and now after watching the trailer it is on my list of must watch films......


Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Gas Station Attendant Notices Something is Wrong!

The Gas Station Attendant Notices Something is Wrong

Sometimes all the ephemera "planets" align and a piece just works in so many ways.  This is one that did that for me.


Kungs vs Cookin’ on 3 Burners - This Girl 

I understand this is a remix with two groups......a French DJ put it together and and an Australian group orginally had produced the song.  This is HOT!  Now that is saying something from a nearly 67 year old man! :-)  Well, I have not lost the beat!  So there youngsters!