Sunday, July 12, 2020

Staple II Collage Series - 07

Staple II Collage Series - 07

When I was on my trip to the UK last year each night the three of us travelers would create collages.  I had collected a bunch of site-seeing maps and I got the idea to create what I call map lace.  I made it by cutting out the spaces between the streets.  The result was delicate pieces of lace like ephemera.  This led to another type of paper lace using a whole punch and maps.  I ran out of the European map lace and so because I wanted something that sort of gave the same effect I used a hole punch to make the new map lace.  You can see that  type of lace above.

I like how this collage turned out.  There is a story about this particular imagery which I will relate at another time.  I call it Bathing With the Geishas.  If I forget to tell it, remind me in a few weeks.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Staple II Collage Series - 06

Staple II Collage Series - 06

I purchased the beige ephemera in San Francisco at an ephemera store called SF Box.  I got an email recently that the store was up for sale.  Sad!  It is an amazing store where one could spend hours upon hours looking for just the best must haves.  I suppose the store is a victim of the present pandemic economy.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Staple II Collage Series - 05

Staple II Collage Series -05

I saw this on Facebook today and decided it deserved being posted here.

FOR SOME PERSPECTIVE ON OUR CURRENT SITUATION: Janet Batchler, July 8, 2020. She writes: 

I've been thinking a lot about the Blitz.

During WW2, for 9 months straight, the Germans bombed London and other major cities in Great Britain. Every night, for weeks at a time with no break.

Here's what the Londoners did: They went to a complete blackout every night. Every night. All lights out. All windows covered with blackout curtains. As a result, the Germans couldn't see their targets (such as St. Paul's Cathedral), and had to drop their bombs flying blind.

Everyone stayed inside. Most people went underground, spending their nights in basements or crammed into Tube stations.

***** Everyone. Every single night. *****  If even a handful of people had kept their lights on, it would have helped the Luftwaffe find their targets. But everyone did their part.

Here's what the Londoners didn't do:

They didn't argue that they had the right to keep their curtains open.

They didn't say that the bombings were a hoax or that they would stop on their own.

They didn't say that it was dangerous to be out at night without any lights.

They didn't insist that businesses had to stay open in the evenings to prop up the economy.

They didn't say that the experts didn't know what they were talking about or insist that their uninformed opinions were just as valid.

Nope. They pulled their curtains shut. They went underground. They took care of each other.

They **put the interests of the community ahead of their own** personal self-interest, in one of the most remarkable feats of communal courage the modern world has seen.

My father lived through the Blitz. He didn't talk about it much. He lost almost all his friends in the Blitz and the War. (Many years later, this led him to move to America, where he ended up starting a family (me) 20 years later than most of his peers.)

But he carried the lessons of the Blitz to America with him. He'd seen what could happen when an entire country did what was in the best interests of all.

And when he saw people acting selfishly and stupidly in their own self-interest, he'd brand those people with the phrase. "I'm all right, the hell with you."

I'm all right, the hell with you.

***  When you refuse to wear a mask in public, you're saying, "I'm all right, the hell with you."  ***

When you insist that bars and beaches and gyms open up because you're bored, you're saying, "I'm all right, the hell with you."

When you demand that other people's children go back to school in patently unsafe environments, you're saying, "I'm all right, the hell with you."

We aren't being asked to run for shelter the second we hear an air raid siren.

We aren't being asked to huddle underground all night surrounded by strangers.

We aren't being asked to emerge every morning, wondering if our homes and everything we own still exists (2 million homes were destroyed during the Blitz — but only 30,000 Londoners died, because of the precautions they took).

*** All we have to do is stay home and wear masks. ***

What we need to do to stem the spread of this pandemic is so easy. Almost every other country in the world has managed to do it. But we haven't.

I wish we had the courage of London during the Blitz.

I wish we had the concern for our neighbors that Londoners showed to one another during the Blitz.

But apparently, we are a country of people proudly proclaiming, "I'm all right, the hell with you."

Is that who you want to be?

Stay home. Wear your mask


Thursday, July 9, 2020

Staple II Collage Series - 04

Staple II Collage Series - 04

I am such a fan of desperate ephemera.  Doesn’t that sound like something out of an opera?  Perhaps the woman is a soprano ready to belt out a song.  Maybe she is trying to avoid the Texaco sign.  The staples even give a line quality.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Staple II Collage Series - 03

Staple II Collage Series - 03

Two staples on this one.  I finished my book for the Puget Sound Book Arts Guild prompt yesterday.  The book is called TEN since it is the tenth anniversary of the guild.  What a good feeling to have it done way before the deadline which is in September!  This is not my usual style as I have a stack of projects that need my attention.  I will get to them but I am not letting them weigh me down.  All in good time.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Staple II Collage Series - 02

Staple II Collage Series -02

It is fun putting random pieces of ephemera together to make a composition.  The staple method works great because you can audition the whole composition before committing with the staple.

I have been working on a new book of ten compositions for a project that the Puget Sound Book Arts Guild proposed.  It is their tenth anniversary so the theme is ten.  Now, I have to bind the book and it will be well done prior to the September deadline.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Staple II Collage Series - 01

Staple II Collage Series - 01

There are 13 works in the Staple II Collage Series.  I really like black and white art.  So this one works for me.   This four element piece came together quickly.  This series was completed while I was spending so much time in bed.  I must have been quite a sight.  Clipboard desk, glue sticks, boxes of ephemera spread out on the bed, scissors, and pillow.  Thank goodness no photos were taken.