Saturday, February 11, 2017

Red No. 8

Red No. 8 or The Bird Nest
Here is another of the red series that is predominantly other colors, just red accents.  Hence, I have given it two names.


Codex continued.....

Islam Aly is a book artist that I met at the CODEX this week.  His books have a middle east influence as he used Ethopian and Coptic bindings and many of his themes come from the Arab world.  Islam Aly is from Egypt and is working on his doctorate in Iowa.  If you do a Google search by his name and then images you will be immersed in his book world.  Many of his books have laser cut images.

This is a fun read about Islam Aly and a book artist friend, Alisa Golden.....


Jacki Long said...

Love that you post daily, I so look forward to it. ;o)
And thanks for the books,I do love books.

Connie Rose said...

This whole red series is just awesome!

Anonymous said...

That's a lovely one.