Thursday, February 9, 2017

Red No. 6

Red No. 6
In each of the red series I used several background papers including, printed deli, napkins, printed tissue, and on some I used pattern tissue.  One thing about photos that I really like is when something is only partially there.  The woman, in this case, needs the eye to complete her being there.

Berkeley continued..........

After leaving Fourth Street in Berkeley, Monday, I made one stop before going to CODEX.  I have started a new collection of Trader Joe's bags, you know, the ones that are plastic and cost $1.00.
Different areas have different bags.  Brian Kasstle turned me onto the fact that somewhere right around Thanksgiving Trader Joe's has bags from different areas at your local store.  I guess they bring together the ones that have not sold and sell them as a package.  I will hit the store to find out when the time comes.  I have an idea for these bags but will have to wait to see if it will work as I need a variety of local ones.

Well, all week I have wanted to talk more about CODEX and now I can.  I had to finish the day's trip in order.  CODEX was all that I had heard about and more.  For book lovers it is amazing.  All books are handmade whether it is the binding or the guts of the book.  I was in heaven from the moment I walked in the door.  I was soaking wet but happy to be there.   A squall had come up as I was walking from the parking to the entrance.  Luckily there was a coat rack or I would have been dripping over the handmade treasures!

I did not get past the first row of vendors before I discovered Bryan Kring and his amazing art boxes.
I ended up purchasing two of them.  Here is a link to Bryan's website....

Insecta Coleoptera


Jacki Long said...

I too like the eye finding the rest of this lady.
I love tracing the initial eye patterns.
The red series is terrific!

tgarrett said...

another good one- and so glad you had such a great time at the book show.