Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Red No. 11

Red No. 11
Are you like me, constantly on the lookout for ephemera?  I see something and think "I can use that sometime!"  My eye is always looking at color and composition and pattern.  I can't seem to turn it off.  The same thing happens to my brain.  Even when I am not thinking of something an idea just pops into my head.  I guess the old brain is solving issues even in the subconscious.  It happened yesterday while I was reading my book Eleanor and Hick.  Perhaps a word on the page sparked the thought which was the solution to something I was working yesterday.


Eleanor and Hick - A new biography on Eleanor Roosevelt and her friend Lorena Hickok by Susan Quinn.  I highly recommend this book if you are into biographies and Eleanor Roosevelt.  It personalizes both she and Lorena.  I have been surprised by some of what I read especially the instances of racism and antisemitism.  I guess it was the times and I am pleased that Eleanor worked on her issues with these two challenges.

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Jacki Long said...

Have enjoyed the red series, but especially #11.
I found myself studying it longer than usual,
really enjoying the movement and exquisite colors.
Really wonderful. Thanks also for the book rec, I am a n Elenor fan.