Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Red No. 18

Red No. 18
Yesterday as I was figuring out more issues with the journal to house the Red Series I decided to create another series of slightly smaller works that will fit into the journal as well.  The "architecture" of the new journal is such that there are two pockets on each page.  Hence, I need to fill the second pocket of each.  That means ten more substrates with two works on each "card".  So another Red Series is born.

I am going on an art retreat with the NW Collage Society this weekend.  I plan on working on the new Red Series there.  I have the substrates cut and gessoed.  I have a pile of papers for the background all ready to go.  I guess I will be seeing red this weekend! :-)


Eleanor Roosevelt

As mentioned in a previous blog posting I am reading Eleanor and Hick.  It is quite a good read and yesterday as I read I found a little anecdote that I particularly liked.   Eleanor, Franklin, Hick, and more of the Roosevelt family attended the World Series between the New York Yankees and the Chicago Cubs.  Both Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig played that game.  Babe Ruth was famous for defining right where the baseball would fly when he hit the ball.  Eleanor was fast asleep and missed all the excitement when, yes, indeed, Babe Ruth hit a home run right where he said he would.  I guess Eleanor was not much of a baseball fan!


Jacki Long said...

Another beauty, loving these great photos.
Have a great weekend from another Elenor fan.

Anonymous said...

I find the red series very intense and kind of unhappy. Don't know why. I usually love red. Still, art should get an emotional response!