Saturday, February 25, 2017

Secrets 01 - Waiting for the Circus to Come to Town

Waiting for the Circus to Come to Town
It seems that children will  have to wait a long time for the circus to come to town in the future.  The Ringling Brothers Show is coming to an end.

You might ask why this series is called secrets.  Well that secret will be unveiled as we go along!

This is one of my favorite US postage.  I bought several sheets to have around awhile.


Jacki Long said...

Totally charming John!
The composition, the colors 7 content ... prefect!
I enlarged & studied as always, but longer.
Yes I had those stamps, but they are gone. I have a lot of faces.
Am picturing you on your fun weekend! ;o)

Brian Kasstle said...

I know the secret! Tee hee...

I love those stamps! I purchased several myself!

tgarrett said...

This is a terrific collage John!