Thursday, May 25, 2017


Up next is a series of postcards that I completed a bit ago.  I used tissue paper, gesso, acrylic paint, and teabags along with the ephemera that fits in the bag.  In several of the postcards I allowed some of the cereal box to show through.


Willard Wigan - micro-sculpture......  The example below is of President Obama and his family sculpted in the eye of a need.  The TED talk is well worth listening to.  Mr. Wigan is not only talented but has a great sense of humor.


Jacki Long said...

Love it and the tea bag is a treasure!

Catherine R said...

I find that composition very pleasing too - all hangs together but keeps moving the eye along.
I saw some of that AMAZING teeny sculpture last year - had to use a magnifying glass to see it at all. The things people do! But it is incredible skill.

tgarrett said...

Wonderful piece John- this draws me in very Nick Bantock like.