Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Red Series No. 2 - 32

Red Series No. 2 - 32

I have been working on a book arts project the last few days and my fingers are sore, especially three fingers in my right hand.  I did not use a thimble which I probably should have done.   I finished the book which was motivated by Margo who taught a tacket binding workshop in Newport in April. She had used fish in her book.  I offered to buy the book but she said, "You can make it."  I took the challenge and did indeed make it.  I will share it later this month.

Last night I attended a meeting of the Book Arts Guild which meets at the University of Washington. I had wanted to go for some time but never did.  I am glad that I went last night because the owner of 23 Sandy, a bookstore for hand-made books in Portland presented many of the books in a show at the store.  It was well worth attending.  I actually had seen the show last month on my way to Newport for the book arts fair.

Beware.................There are some heavy references in this video......mental illness, suicide and a sexual predator reference.  It is also heartwarming how others take an interest in others in a meaningful way.

The John Show

Synopsis: Graphic designer Brett Yasko wanted to save his friend John’s life, so he asked every artist in their town to make a portrait of John. The result is the 2016 art show “John Riegert” – a funhouse containing 250 portraits on the titular subject, with John himself acting as tour guide. This heartfelt story chronicles the making of a singular exhibit and the mental health struggles and personal triumphs of its subject.
Directed by: Julie Sokolow
Produced by: Olivia Vaughn, Ryan Loew



Bea said...

I recently learned about tacketing and it was suggested we use a plied is some type to pull the ends of the loop...

john said...

Yes, you need a needle nose plier. My fingers still hurt!