Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Red Series No. 2 - 39

Red Series No. 2 - 39
I love the expression on this soldier's face.  I have certainly felt confused in my life from time to time. I remember one time in Tokyo I was trying to find a location.  The signage was in Japanese and English but I just could not figure out where I was going.  As I found out later the numbers on buildings on a street are added when the building went up and not in sequential order.  Number 1 could be at one end of a block and 2 at the other.  I learned to travel relying on landmarks.  It made my life easier.

Ariana Grande - Into You -   

Another senseless act of terrorism....this time in the UK.  When will it end?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Jacki Long said...

Thanks John.I agree on all points.
I too relate to his expression, more and more.