Friday, May 26, 2017


Have you read the Number One Ladies Detective series?  I love it!  They drink a  Rooibos tea at teatime in the books.  I really like it and recently found some at the Cascadia Art Museum in Edmonds, WA.  This piece was influenced by the tea and also has an Asian feel to it.


Street Art.....You will be amazed here......


Jacki Long said...

Am enjoying the new series John.
Yes, I have read all of the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency, another thing we share.
I am always ready for the next.
I call it comfort reading, as the equivalent of comfort food without the calories.

Catherine R said...

I think the series was even better on the radio - I can hear the music and voices in my head as I think of it. So funny. He is a delightful writer. We had the Scotland Street series on the radio too and the child and mother were hysterical. Love them all.
Nice yellow pic. Love yellow!
Have a good w/e.

tgarrett said...

beautiful color in this.