Sunday, May 21, 2017

Red Series No. 2 - 36

Red Series No. 2 - 36
This past winter I attended a retreat for collage artists.  It was a very productive three days for me. During that time one of the artist Anne La Fever gave me monopoly paper.  I had forgotten about this gift until yesterday when Anne mentioned seeing a part of it in the Red Series No. 2.  I loved playing monopoly when I was a kid.  There was something about handling all that money and owning real estate that I loved.  The only part of the game I did not love was how long it took for a winner to come about.  I have not played it in decades.  Yikes!  That is harsh.....decades.....the truth hurts because I can now talk about decades!  OMG! :-)


Keith Urban Falling Apart on Kelly Clarkson's Emotional Performance On Idol

I understand that American Idol is returning next year.  I do miss the show.  For some reason I forget to watch the Voice but I never forgot to tune into American Idol.  I am looking forward to the return.


Jacki Long said...

I am always drawn to Monopoly pieces too.
Erin & Cheryl used to play for days.
I, like you am in the decade division.

Irene Rafael said...

I loved playing Monopoly too. Do you have a set we can play in August? Ha! I watch both the Voice and Ido. I do love Keith! xo

Bea said...

My 10 year old grandson loves Monopoly to and because I love him I play...on and on and on...