Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Red Series No. 2 - 18

Red Series No. 2 - 18

Creating a series can be addictive.  The two red series sure was.  I got into a rhythm and just could not stop.  I am in the process of a new series.  When I get inspired it seems I just have to go with it. The new series is a set of collaged boxes.  At the moment I am working on nine.  Little books will go inside the boxes.  I found an artist who does these who I really like.  Her name is Linda Welch.  You can find her work on Pinterest.  I discovered her at 23 Sandy in Portland.

I had never been to 23 Sandy but had wanted to go for some time.  Artist books are sold there and it worked out that we could spend some time there on our way to the Newport Book Paper and Book Artists Festival.  I was in seventh heaven to be surrounded by so many books made by artists.  It was like being at the Codex all over again only smaller.  I bought four of Linda Welch's books and I ahave looked at them every day since.  I have to figure out her process or at least what I think her process is.

Unfortunately 23 Sandy is closing there retail space.  The owner is only going to sell books online.


I hope you are enjoying the minis as much as I am.  I have many to share.


Jacki Long said...

Another wonderful combination.
I so look forward to each post.

Connie Rose said...

I do love those minis, thanks for sharing. And your two red series have been fab. Looking forward to your collaged boxes with books -- what a cool idea! Have a wonderful May. Hugs.

lufegu said...

I love your red series and also the minis.
I also enjoyed your books and secret pockets
Now waiting for those collaged boxes.......... : )