Friday, March 31, 2017

Saskatchewan - NZ Series

I finished the final three pieces that are going off to NZ.  I am going to try and mail them today even though they do not need to be there until August.  I am in this get things done and out of here mood. That is what I did with the ATCs for my international group.  It is not even April and all ATCs have been sent and most arrived at their destinations.


If you live in the Pacific NW you are in for a treat right now.  The cherry trees at the University of Washington are in full display.  We went yesterday after the dentist and were just amazed with the gorgeous performance put on by Mother Nature.

Here is a live stream for those of you who can not travel to the campus to see for yourself.....


Connie Rose said...

I've been loving your latest work. This one is especially striking. Have a great weekend!

Robert said...

Really have been enjoying seeing this series revealed piece by piece, John! Very strong and interesting work. I see a slight Cubist influence in some of these compositions.

Jacki Long said...

Great work John!
I think you might need to send me some of your
"get it done and get it off" energy. Please? ;O)

Catherine R said...

Hope your NZ entry isn't lost before it's shown as you're so early!! You shame us all getting so ahead of things.