Friday, March 24, 2017

Class of '45 - NZ Series

Class of '45

Not far from where I live on a street that is an arterial devastation has taken over a whole city block. Progress, in the form of apartments,  is coming I suspect.  Our little Mountlake Terrace will have light rail in about six or seven years.  The progress is a short walking distance from what will be our new transportation.  I can't actually wait for light rail as there will be no need for present transportation to and from downtown or the airport.  It will be right here.  I will be almost in my mid-seventies by then.  I hope I can still use it.


The NY Times number 16 ........Good background music......


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Jacki Long said...

I love this and how you arranged the photo as a stoop
for the modern architecture, and it works!
Great composition John!