Friday, March 3, 2017

Secrets 06 No. 2

Secrets 06 No. 2
Secrets No. 2 has a second spread.  I suppose they could go side-by-side to create a diptych but the secrets series is bound in a stack journal.  A huge clue can be seen in this piece.  I can give another one though and the word is PULL.

White Helmets
rescue workers in Syria......

This morning the newspaper is late and so I watched a Netflix short film.  It is called The White Helmets which won best short at the Oscars.  It is a powerful film of hope in Syria where there is very little right now.  It is happy and it is sad.  Bring out your hanky for this one!

Here is a link for the official trailer.... or watch the 40 minute film on Netflix.

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Jacki Long said...

Studies and still don't have a clue? Clueless? Awww....
Love the colors and paper selection too.
Do you have a tool to do the syncopated dots? Love that,
but it so uniform, it is surely a wheel of some kind?
And, I have been aware of the white helmets for some time,
God bless them and their humanity, Wish it was transmittable.