Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Girls with Glasses

The Girls with Glasses
There are several things that I like about this postcard.  First, the girls with the glasses are so vintage and remind me of the Julia Roberts film Mona Lisa Smiles.  Second, I love how the girl on the right is distracted.  Is it because of the guys?  Third, the glasses and the circles work so well together.  Fourth, the colors are amazing together.  Fifth, I like how the blue on the oar an the red W plus the red spatters make it all pop.  I guess I am always surprised when a piece is complete because usually it is never planned and each outcome is what it is.


Distress Crayons - I heard about them on a blog....I think it was Mary Beth Shaw's....and decided to see what they were all about.  Love them!  They arrived yesterday and I had to try them out right away. Now I have to compare them to the Sablio Woodies to see if they create different effects or are about the same.  You can color with them, smudge them, or use a brush with water to spread pigment.


Jacki Long said...

Love, love, love this one!
You had me with the glasses, then the ladies ..
then the total composition!♥♥

Irene Rafael said...

Love this collage!!! And the glasses and circles! But I'm like Jackie... you had me with the glasses. Would you mind if I use the image to draw the girls, I mean, ladies? xo