Friday, March 10, 2017

We Saw a Baby Elephant

We Saw a Baby Elephant

There will be a few more of the Secrets Series but I have been occupied with a few other projects lately and so will have to get back to Secrets soon.

When I was at the NW Collage Society Retreat I was driven.  I complete 47 collages in three days. Several of those collages were postcards besides finishing all of the Red Series No. 2 pieces.


You probably have seen the Mentos and Diet Coke video.  I love these guys who perform the experiment.  So here it is:


Jacki Long said...

So charming!
You are so talented John,
love seeing your beautiful work daily!
Thank you.♥

Robert said...

47 collages in 3 days!!! Talk about prolific! That must be some kind of record! Especially love all of the great textures and patterns in the background on this piece.