Thursday, March 2, 2017

Secrets 06

Secrets 06
The Japanese sideways calligraphy is important in this secret.


Many, many months ago.  In fact, maybe even two years ago I first discovered Angeline.  It is a synthetic fiber that comes in sheets as well as spun fibers.  One can iron the fibers into sheets  and use it as bling in art work.  It can also be cut directly from the sheets and glued onto a substrate.  I hunted for it at many fabric stores but had no luck.  I forgot about it until Tuesday night when I saw it used in a handmade journal.  I ordered a bunch of it online yesterday and can't wait for it to arrive.


Jacki Long said...

I am feeling really dumb in figuring our the secret, but I love your works! ♥♥

Irene Rafael said...

I would love to see them photoed side by side. I like that if I do not know the secret, I can make up my own story :) xo