Sunday, March 26, 2017

Firestone Men - NZ Series

Firestone Men
Finding vintage photos of anyone or group creates a wonder as to who or what was their life.  Since most of the images I find are totally anonymous I have the luxury of making up a story or allowing the viewer to make up a story.  Go ahead.  What is your story of these "Firestone" men.


Charles Bradley - "Good To Be Back Home"  - Number 22 on the NY Times music list.


Jacki Long said...

Interesting, love all the textures & almost b&w.
They all seem happy? Bachelors? ;o)

Irene Rafael said...

This is one of my favorites, John. I love the visual textures of circles and squares and the mystery of this group of men. The three on the right, Sam and Jes and Lee on the right and standing with their employees on a Sunday afternoon after a volunteer baseball game. Afterwards, they the three will go off and have a beer together. They can't wait as its a weekly ritual.