Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sunday Morning - NZ Series

Sunday Morning
Sunday mornings for me are always reading the NY Times and the Seattle Times.  It takes hours and I discover so much about what is going on in the world.  If I lived in a large city I probably would take those papers with me to a coffeehouse just to be connected with others in my environment.  I guess I could do that around where I live but it means mostly getting in a car to head out somewhere.  I do have a Starbuck's nearby but it just does not seem the same as it would be walking the streets of NYC to a favorite spot


James McMurtry - Gulf Road - Another singer who was one of the top 25 in the Sunday magazine a week or so ago. Some of his song lyrics kind of left me wanting to change songs quickly.  I do like Gulf Road though.


wendy lee lynds said...

'sunday morning' sends me.
love your style.
always SO much to look at and explore.

Brian Kasstle said...

Sunday for me means check on Seth's recent blog post and then the LA Times and brunch.

Jacki Long said...

Love all the windows, another favorite.
I love CBS Sunday morning.