Monday, March 13, 2017

Fit Chauffeur

Fit Chauffeur
If only I would put things away right away.  I have spent 30 minutes hunting for my Posca pens and can not find them anywhere.  Darn!  I wish I could hire someone to follow me around and when I am done with something they would organize for me.  I seem to be at my worst right now as I have several items that I consider lost!  First it was a credit card.  I finally found it hiding under a cloth mat in my office.  Next it is some work that I was flattening.  I am sure it is the Borrowers who take things.  Did you ever read that children's book?  It is a good one.


Did you see the Grammy's about ten days ago?  I really liked the version of
Jolene with Dolly Parton and Pentatonix.  The NY Times magazine ranks this song number 5.


Jacki Long said...

What kind of car is that?
My Dad had a Packard when I was tiny and it kind of rang that memory bell.
I share you talent for misplacing things, my method is not to look and then it shows up.
I have gelli plates (all sizes) here somewhere, but no clue! ;op

Brian Kaastle said...

John he is what I do, when flattening things. I ALWAYS use the same book. I ONLY flatten on even pages in the 100's for example 100, 200, 300.