Saturday, February 27, 2016


This week I read an article on AIDS in the newspaper.  It seems that now with the "pill" safe sex is not the same concern that it was.  Also it seems that African-Americans/Black men who have sex with men have the highest rate of transmission of the disease.  I say talk about it.  Get the message out.  Don't you just love these Lyendecker images?  I know he would not mind me collaging them to express my sentiments.  I think he would have illustrated some sort of message as well.


Jacki Long said...

Strong image and I am sure he would be proud!

tgarrett said...

Wonderful piece John- I love his illustrations and you used this one so well.

Elizabeth said...

John - thanks for this. Lately for some reason all of the friends I lost in the last part of the eighties have come to my mind and memory. It seems all that our society wants to do right now is forget the past. So thanks for helping us remember that its important to not forget.