Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Shabby Chic 63 and Shabby Chic Rowboat

Shabby Chic 63

Shabby Chic Rowboar

This is the last post of the Shabby Chic journal pages.  I have had several questions about the journal. So here goes:

1. Are the journal pages two sided?  Yes.  I had nine total papers times two.  Thus 18 sides.  I am working on Shabby Chic II and it will be twelve pages making 24 sides.  I am doing different things in II.

2.  How is it bound?  I just used sari ribbon to tie around the stack of pages.  First I punched a hold in the cover.  Then I used a grommet to stick the ribbon through.  I covered the ribbon on the inside with masking tape and finished the painting of the inside.  On the outside I created a cardboard and button wrap around.  It is glued down.  The bottom layer of the button wrap around is smaller than the upper layers.

3. Is a sari ribbon wrap around really binding the book.  I think it is.  I suppose old school binders would disagree but I love the wrap around and so it is.  Anyway, it is shabby chic!

4.  Why do you like using Woodies so much?  I like the Woodies because they make wonderful drips and transparent colors over collage materials.

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Jacki Long said...

What a treasure!
I love the idea of loose pages that you can handle yet enclose in such a cool wrap around. Sari ribbon and woodies make everything better in my opinion.And, I love how you have used old black & white photos in the midst of all that glorious color.
Masterful work, John. I hope someday I can hold it and feel it. Maybe another trip to your bountiful home. Nothing like inviting yourself in! ♥♥♥