Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Shabby Chic II - Background

Shabby Chic II - Sample 01

Shabby Chic II - Sample 02

Shabby Chic II - Sample 03

Shabby Chic II - Sample 04
I began Shabby Chic journal number 2 recently and  I am enamored by the process of painting with papers.  I also have added some paper/thread yarns to the substrate that I got about ten days ago at a fiber fair in Tacoma.  Each year vendors come from far and wide to sell yarns.  One vendor has totally amazing yarns, Habu.  Habu is located in Denver and in Japan.  They closed their NYC store recently.  I have purchased from them online with great success.  I first heard about them from Donna Watson about a year ago.  I spent a small fortune at the fair but decided to do so because the products are amazing and it is definitely better to see the items first.  Of course I had to buy several new paper yarns as it was hard to decide which one to eliminate.  I think I am done buying paper yarns for quite some time as now I have to use up what I have!


Jacki Long said...

Love the orange and your amazing layers!
Definitely worth the "fortune"! ;o)

Connie Rose said...

LOVE what you've done here. I loved Habu too, when I was a weaver. Unfortunately, I never bought any yarns, just samples, because I couldn't ever afford it! How cool that they're in Denver now instead of NYC.

Catherine R said...

If these are backgrounds, are we going to see some amazing foregrounds on top? Great zingy colours.

ingridp said...

What happened? Gone wild with colours on paper. Love it!!!!