Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Recently I found images on Retronaut that I thought interesting.  They are all vintage photos where the celluloid is deteriorating.   Each one had deteriorated in different ways.  For instance, the only portion of the photo of the two women touching heads is what you see. The man on the left looks as if crackle paste has taken its' toll.   I tried to make the background look like corrugated metal after I saw a photo in the Sunday paper of some people standing in front of a corrugated metal wall.  I decided to replicate the look on teabags for this background.


Claudia MB said...


Jacki Long said...

I like it, a lot!
I studied the layers and how they blend with the textures.
Love the font, perfect for film.

Catherine R said...

Feel my skin is doing this without the celluloid intervention! Like the look of your new banner.