Monday, February 22, 2016

Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Blood Is Thicker Than Water
Once each month I attend the Belltown Bookies meetings.  Our group is growing and new ideas are sprouting.  Last month we agreed to do spreads for a round robin journal based on individual themes. Eleven participants will make one spread per month for a specific person in the group.  The spread that I created was to include a proverb.  OMG!  That opened the world up very wide for practically anything.  Finally I chose "Blood is thicker than water."  As per my usual method of working I started creating before deciding on the proverb.

I had already created the background and added the inkjet transfer of the woman on the left.  I recently got some cigar bands from a good friend of mine and one looked perfect with the background.  Since the woman on the left looked reflective I decided that the narrative would be about her family and when she was younger. Hence the rest of the vintage collage additions.  Now you can make up the story to go with the collage and the proverb.


Connie Rose said...

That is really fantastic!

Jacki Long said...

Love this John! What a wonderful spread.
Colors, texture and I am especially fond of the transfer lady. ♥

tgarrett said...

This is wonderful John- spot on composition- great colors- texture- and great story here.

Anonymous said...

Such amazing faces in those photos.